My session with Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones had been discussed on the phone and by email.  Now it was the day and hour to experience it.

I turned up at the bar at the appointed time.  Having purchased a drink, I looked around to locate Mistress Bryce Jones.  I saw her sitting alone at a table near the exit.  She was elegantly dressed in a close fitting leather jacket, white blouse and black skirt.  The skirt just touched the top of her long, shiny black boots with a 3 inch stiletto heel.  Mistress Bryce Jones sipped at her glass of wine as she read her magazine.  She looked stunning.  Casually watching her, I saw her finish her drink, put down the magazine and begin to pull on her leather gloves.  It looked like she was about to leave, and that was the agreed signal for me to follow her.  I was dressed in the distinctive jacket so she could readily identify me.  As we were getting to the end of October, it was now quite dark at that time of the evening.

Mistress Bryce Jones turned right out of the bar and walked down the road.  She turned into a small alley leading to a car park.  I was keeping about 20 metres behind her, admiring her graceful walk in the high heeled boots.  As I turned into the alley, I could not see her and began to quicken my pace to catch up with her.  I had gone about a dozen steps down the dark alley when a stern and authoritative female voice called out “STOP – do not turn round”.

I froze immediately, keeping my head facing forward.  I could hear the clicking of the high heels as they approached me from behind.  A leather gloved hand firmly gripped the side of my neck while a second gloved hand passed a silk blindfold to me.  “Put this on NOW” the female voice commanded.  I complied at once.  She quickly and thoroughly searched me, removing my phone, wallet and couple of pens from my jacket.  “Just putting these into a screened bag to make sure we don’t have anyone tracking us.  Put your hands behind your back!”.

I felt the cold metal of handcuffs being placed around my wrists, then firmly latching closed.  I felt Mistress Bryce Jones move beside me.  One arm went behind my back and held the handcuffs, the other held my arm so she could guide me.  “Walk forward slowly.  The car is a couple of minutes walk away.”  In the dark, with the limited street lighting, we would probably look like any other couple taking a stroll together.  I felt slightly unsteady walking blindfolded, but Mistress Bryce Jones had a strong grip and guided me forwards.

“Stop” she commanded.  I heard the clunk of a car door unlocking.  She carefully assisted me in to the car.  It was slightly uncomfortable with my hands cuffed behind my back.  I heard the seat belt being pulled out and felt the brush of her leather jacket against my face as she reached across me to latch the belt in place.  The car door closed beside me and I heard her get into the driver’s seat.  A gloved hand went to my throat, thumb down one side of my neck, fingers down the other.  “Don’t struggle and remain silent.  Otherwise I will have to gag you.”

We drove in silence for around 15 minutes.  I knew the area fairly well, but after a few turns and round abouts, I was totally lost.  I felt the car slow and then turn onto a gravel drive.  It stopped, and then Mistress Bryce Jones was at my side of the car, undoing the seat belt and guiding me away from the car.  We climbed three steps, then paused as she unlocked a door.  As we stepped through the doorway, she locked the door behind us.  We walked forwards for maybe 15 metres and it felt as though we had entered a different room.  She released her grip on my arm and I heard a door close behind me and a key turning in what sounded like a large lock.  She led me forward another several steps.  “Stand still” she ordered and I heard her walk away, followed by the rustle of clothing and zips.  She returned and I felt the gloved fingers drag across my chest to my nipple, which she then pinched sharply.  There was a small laugh at my sharp intake of breath.  Moving behind me, she released the handcuffs with the instruction “Do not remove your blindfold.  You don’t know where you are and nobody else knows where you are.  You are totally under my control.  You can scream if you want to (and you may well do later)… but nobody will hear or care.”.

I heard her move away and the creak of furniture as she sat down.  “Undress for me” was the next command.  I quickly removed my clothing, kneeling down to undo my shoe laces.  As my last sock came off, I stood up.  It was only at this point that I considered there may be other people in the room.  I had heard nothing, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.  Mistress Bryce Jones got up and stood in front of me.  A gloved hand grabbed my balls and the pressure slowly increased until I cried out.  She released her grip and I heard the stiletto heels click on the wooden flooring as she walked back to her seat.

“Crawl to me,” Mistress Bryce Jones ordered.  I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled towards the sound of her voice. “Stop” she commanded.  Her voice was only a couple of feet away.  I could now smell the rich scent of her leather boots.  “Show me your gratitude by worshiping my boots” she instructed.  I lowered my head towards where I thought the boot was.  My cheek touched the leather shaft of the boot and I moved downwards, seeking out the pointed toe of the boot so I could begin my task.  I experienced a mix of emotions; fear, not knowing what was going to happen; anticipation, hoping that I would not disappoint this dominant woman; excitement, this was one of my strongest fantasies but was now happening for real.

As I began kissing the toe of the boot, I felt the stiletto heel of the other boot press into the back of my neck.  She swiveled her boot heel into my neck.  “You forgot to thank me for allowing you to do this act” she said.

“Thank you Ma’am” I quickly  said, hoping that the pain would stop.  After a few moments, she lifted her heel away.  “Good!  The quicker you learn your place and what is required of you, the less pain you will have to endure.”  I felt as she slapped a leather riding crop against her boot, close to where my head was.


For Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones

Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones is definitely the Water Sports Queen. Absolutely she is!

During our session yesterday, we started with Foot Worship, which I love, then Mistress strung me up from the ceiling and used electrics for CBT. I was then tied to the bondage bed and subjected to Nipple Torture. I really enjoyed this, partly because it is a perfect position in which to admire Mistress’s beauty.

I was then ordered to lay on the floor and take Water Sports. Mistress is a total expert in this.  What a wonderful experience! Mistress can stop and start at will, and can project her golden nectar several metres, and with accuracy.

If you love Water Sports, please do yourself a favour and visit Mistress Bryce-Jones. I would love to see your testimonial here and I hope you agree that Mistress is indeed the Water Sports Queen

Dear Mistress, I ache for you in every sense!

My brain needs not to think nor decide; my personality desires to be dominated and humiliated in a variety of ways, including being penetrated by your strap-on. My mind needs to know I have no option as I will be tightly restrained, only able to twitch perhaps?

My eyes want to see your whole being; perhaps from level with your high boot heels as you climb the stairs ahead of me, then of course in full when upstairs.

My body needs your touches in whichever way you wish and of course is urgently in need of Pain inflicted for your pleasure and be used as furniture, e.g. as carpet or footstool.

My mouth would like to taste your clothes especially your Boots, leather or other body material, heels deep in throat, soles cleaned.

Whatever else would please you.

After Tuesday my diary is completely empty for the week and weekend; so an ideal time to ‘play.’

distant admirer and servant

What the fuck!” I yelled as my car sputtered to the side of the road and died.

My Honda Accord was only two years old and I can’t believe it just died on me. I didn’t even know where I was or how far it was to the next town or a garage. I knew I was somewhere in the northern part of Vermont. It was late October and days were not long up here. By 5 o’clock at night it was dark outside.

I am Mark. A 28 year old white male who loved to be outside. Every year at this time I always took a week or two off from work to go camping somewhere up north. I love the changing of the leaves and the crisp cool nights. And I mean camping. Not being in an RV next to a bunch of other RV’s. I mean being miles from anyone, sleeping in a tent, and cooking my food over a fire I started myself.

But I guess all that would have to wait until I could get my car fixed. Darkness had already fallen so I figured maybe I would just camp in the woods right where I broke down and walk to town in the morning.

As I started to unload my tent out of my trunk I saw headlights approaching me. Being on such a desolate road I was surprised to see a vehicle this late. The car slowed down and came to a stop without me even flagging it down.

“Car trouble sir?” a woman called out from the driver side of the car.

“Yes ma’am” I answered. “I’m not sure what is wrong but I figured I’d camp here tonight.”

“Sir it is supposed to get to 15 degrees tonight. We live a mile down the road. I suggest you stay with me and my friend and I’ll get you into town tomorrow to get your car fixed.” the woman replied.

I wasn’t going to accept their offer until I noticed the driver and passenger were both very attractive late 30’s / early 40’s women. I couldn’t imagine how two beautiful women could live so far out in the sticks but at the time I didn’t care.

“Well then ma’am I think I will take you up on your offer. I appreciate your hospitality and I can even pay for your generosity.” I replied.

“Hurry up and get in and we can talk about that later.” the woman said.

I grabbed my bag of clothes and personal hygiene stuff and climbed in the passenger side as the other woman hopped in the back seat.

“I am Mark and thanks for picking me up.” I said.

“I am Michelle and my friend in the back seat is Lisa.” the female driver replied.

Both women were in great shape and had nice bodies. We drove in silence. It was so dark that I could only see what the headlights lit up.

“Beautiful country.” I said trying to strike up a conversation.

“It really is.” Lisa the girl in the back seat replied.

Before I even could say anything else, Lisa put a gun to my head. Being so dark in the car I couldn’t see what she was doing in the back seat.

“Just shut the fuck up and do what I say if you want to live.” Michelle said.

“OK OK. Oh God! Please don’t hurt me. I have money and I can get more.” I quivered realizing I was scared to death.

“I told you shut up. Next word out of your mouth will be your last.” Michelle yelled.

I wanted to say OK but I bit my tongue and just closed my eyes and said nothing. Michelle pulled the car over to the side of the road. Lisa hopped out of the back seat and opened my door.

Lisa put a collar around my neck and locked it with a padlock. She took a chain and ran it around the headrest and chained it to my collar, holding my neck to the seat. She then handcuffed my hands in front of me. She then took another pair of handcuffs and handcuffed one end around my handcuffs and the other end to my seat. This held my hands down and unable to lift them. A penis gag was shoved down my throat and strapped in place to finish my predicament. Lisa hopped back in the back seat and we were on our way again.

“Here’s the deal Mark.” Michelle said.

“Lisa and I need to get into Canada but our contact is expecting three people. Actually she is expecting three women. You will be the third woman. You can make this easy or you can make it hard on yourself. Do exactly eveything we tell you and a week from now you will be free and on your way home. Fight us and end up like the last one.”

I don’t know if they have killed anyone but I didn’t want to find out. Lisa chained me up and gagged me like nothing so I figure I would just go along with it. In some sick way I was turned on by this.

“If you agree to this just nod yes.” Michelle said

I nodded yes. I didn’t have much choice.

About ten minutes later we pulled off the road and onto an unpaved road which led up to an old farmhouse. I was taken out of the car and my arms we recuffed behind my back. My collar remained locked around my neck and the penis gag strapped in my mouth. I was led inside a farmhouse and led upstairs. Lisa pulled on the ring on my collar to pull me into a bedroom.

“Remember I have the gun so don’t do anything stupid. Tomorrow the fun starts but for now it is time to get you to bed.” Lisa said.

Michelle followed Lisa into the bedroom holding a straitjacket. After Michelle unlocked my handcuffs I was immediately undressed and locked into the leather straitjacket. Before pulling up the straps between my legs Lisa inserted a well lubricated dildo into my ass. I thought I was being split apart. Michelle pulled the straps of the straitjacket between my legs which held the dildo in my ass and attatched them to the jacket. I couldn’t push it out even if I tried.

Lisa pushed me onto the bed. I was in a straitjacket with a dildo locked into my ass and a penis gag strapped down my throat. What came next I wasn’t expecting. Lisa slid me into a pair of black pantyhose and placed locking 4 inch black high heels on me.

Lisa layed me down on my back. I didn’t dare move. She came back with rope. She tied each ankle to a corner of the bed. I was really helpless now. Michelle came back into the bedroom with two lengths of chain. She locked each length of chain to the corners of the headboard of the bed. Each length was attatched to my collar and locked to the D ring on it. So now I couldn’t even move my head off the pillow. I was definitely not going anywhere. I couldn’t believe two women were able to do this to me with so much ease. Even as scared as I was I was even hornier. Chained to bed in a straitjacket wearing pantyhose and heels can do that to a guy.

“Sweet dreams bitch. Tomorrow you become one. Piss me off and I’ll have you sucking dick dressed as a woman forever.” Lisa wickedly said as they both left the bedroom leaving me for the night.

All I could think as I tried to get some sleep is, what is going to happen tomorrow.


We did a photo shoot Saturday looking forward to seeing the results, they will be on the website shortly.

Things are ticking over and we have a steady flow of new slaves and of course our great faithful’s, I must say that I am blessed with some amazing regulars that I have known years, we are getting a lot of interest in the kidnap scenario and I must say it is really exciting, mistress Jadee and myself are getting experts at it, we have an overseas victim this week and feel it is quite a compliment for a client to travel over to see us, and this is his second time.

We are finding some great kidnapping sites but always need more so if you are reading this and know somewhere or have somewhere (which is even better) then get in touch.

Don’t forget our new mistress Lady Steele, she is available every Friday if booked in advance, if there are any scenarios that you have not been able to reenact or your regular mistress can not do, then give us a call, love a challenge and I insist I can do all fetish and BDSM, that is the beauty of starting so young and traveling the globe to learn my craft.

Keep looking for my next blog which will be in one weeks time.


Well… thank you all for your recent scenario requests, it’s been a pleasure to help you out in your quest for BDSM satisfaction. Keep them coming and we will try and book you in for a session.

Anything you dream of, fantasize about or lust for., send the details request the session then enjoy your pain! Manchester is where it’s at, come in soon!


Calling all slaves and miserable wretches.

Scenario requests… send them in!

Anything you dream of, fantasize about or lust for., send the details request the session then enjoy your pain! Manchester is where it’s at, come in soon!


I am looking forward to meeting you. I would like to make an appointment with you for a medical tomorrow at 1 pm if that is possible.

The way I would like the scenario to go is as follows:

In essence I will be given a realistic medical during which I am seduced by the Dr as she takes things a bit too far as the examination progresses.

I do not see the scenario as being a domination one. It should be more sensual and gentle with no pain or humiliation involved on either part.

The Dr (you) should be dressed in normal clothing as befits the position albeit slightly but not overtly sexy, eg skirt and shirt/blouse with a hint of cleavage and bra. High heels with stockings and suspenders are preferred but not essential. She should also have a stethoscope hanging from her neck all the time.

I should be asked to undress only down to underpants in the initial stage of the exam.

The focus of the actual examination should be the use of the stethoscope to check heartbeat and breathing and sounds from other parts of the body as seen fit by the doctor. Performing these should be done with me standing, sitting and laying on the bed. There should be a lot of feeling of the body, gently but firmly pressing and touching to check for abnormalities. Any other diagnostic instruments can be used to check BP, eyes, ears, reflexes etc. If the surgery is not equipped with any of these I will have them with me.

As the exam moves into the more sexual stage and my pants need to be removed I would like it to progress naturally to involve mutual stroking, kissing and touching. At this point the Dr should also be shedding some clothing. I do not wish to have sexual intercourse but would not like to rule out any other jointly pleasurable actions.

If you have a scenario you would like to act our with any of the Manchester Mistresses please get in touch… it’ll be worth it!

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