Mistress Bryce-Jones is superbly good at every element of BDSM that she chooses to practise. So much so that I travel a round trip of over 200 miles to see her. Furthermore, she is, in my opinion, an electrics specialist without peers. If you enjoy electrics, and especially if you would like to experience the most powerful ejaculation you’ve ever had, please do yourself a favour and visit Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones.

My favourite place in the world is the beautifully equipped chambers of Mistress Bryce-Jones, looking into the eyes of the beautiful Mistress Bryce-Jones while she tortures me with obvious delight.

There are a lot of Mistresses in the UK now, and plenty in Manchester too. In my experience, Mistress Bryce-Jones stands head and shoulders above other Mistresses I’ve visited. Pay her a visit, and ask her to make you cum with electrics!

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