Dear Mistress, I ache for you in every sense!

My brain needs not to think nor decide; my personality desires to be dominated and humiliated in a variety of ways, including being penetrated by your strap-on. My mind needs to know I have no option as I will be tightly restrained, only able to twitch perhaps?

My eyes want to see your whole being; perhaps from level with your high boot heels as you climb the stairs ahead of me, then of course in full when upstairs.

My body needs your touches in whichever way you wish and of course is urgently in need of Pain inflicted for your pleasure and be used as furniture, e.g. as carpet or footstool.

My mouth would like to taste your clothes especially your Boots, leather or other body material, heels deep in throat, soles cleaned.

Whatever else would please you.

After Tuesday my diary is completely empty for the week and weekend; so an ideal time to ‘play.’

distant admirer and servant

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