We did a photo shoot Saturday looking forward to seeing the results, they will be on the website shortly.

Things are ticking over and we have a steady flow of new slaves and of course our great faithful’s, I must say that I am blessed with some amazing regulars that I have known years, we are getting a lot of interest in the kidnap scenario and I must say it is really exciting, mistress Jadee and myself are getting experts at it, we have an overseas victim this week and feel it is quite a compliment for a client to travel over to see us, and this is his second time.

We are finding some great kidnapping sites but always need more so if you are reading this and know somewhere or have somewhere (which is even better) then get in touch.

Don’t forget our new mistress Lady Steele, she is available every Friday if booked in advance, if there are any scenarios that you have not been able to reenact or your regular mistress can not do, then give us a call, love a challenge and I insist I can do all fetish and BDSM, that is the beauty of starting so young and traveling the globe to learn my craft.

Keep looking for my next blog which will be in one weeks time.


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