I am just sending a quick email to thank you for such an amazing experience this afternoon.

I am sitting in a cafe in the centre of Manchester surrounded by people, but I’m completely oblivious to what is going on – my mind is spinning and swirling around with all the thoughts and memories from our session. I think I can remember every word you said and I’ve been playing it all back and reliving everything blow by blow.

You have a wonderful gift, in being able to enrich and light up the lives of others. You have an extraordinary power and presence that has left me spellbound and completely mesmerised! You are a very special person, I loved you as soon as I saw you! You have given me such a happy and powerful memory, that I just had to stop and say thank you!

I hope that I will have the very good fortune of being able to meet you again one day.

God bless you!

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