Our journeys into the world of kink can sometimes be governed and influenced by not only societal pressures but by a self imposed reluctance to embrace ones own proclivities.
I have to be honest my personal realisations and appetites were at first pursued in a rather uninformed and haphazard fashion,trying various disciplinarians who purportedly were experienced in the field of BDSM/KINK etc,so as is the way I never truly dovetailed with any Ladies.

I’m not saying they were all equally disappointing but the common denominator was the fantasy factor was absent with them all and I’m talking about 20 years or so,some decent and some frankly shouldn’t be in the business but the one constant was my lack of commitment or genuine devotion which for any of us is the ultimate deference to the superior female.

I have to be truthful after many years of my own personal search I too was running out of websites to peruse as they all looked much of a muchness .

That was up until three years ago when quite by accident through social media i stumbled across the beautifully constructed website of Mistress Bryce Jones of Swinton.

As anyone reading this knows often its first impressions which register in our psyche and this exquisitely toned and magnetic blonde goddess instantly captivates,

Mistress Bryce Jones of Swinton doesn’t just stand head and shoulders above anything else in Manchester she inhabits a higher echelon than ANY I have ever seen.She has a telepathic symbiosis with her submissive in session,

The dexterity with which the irresistible lady utilizes her limitless implements is mind bending,this is an exponent of BDSM the like of which we search for over decades,yes that truly imperious female who switches her submissive on and off with a quiet word.

This lady has no peers,NONE…

Thankyou mistress for a session from heaven

As always,I’ll be back,soon,very soon

Barbie 👄

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