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Your psychological holds so strong ,that New subordinates keep coming along Attracted by your body of sin you hold our emotions deep within.. There’s nobody to touch you you’re in you’re own class A masterpiece of Art, and im not being crass. Your pulls so strong your reviewers say If its dominance you want there’s […]

A subs verbal tribute,  well where does one start Right at the beginning, and straight from the heart… A mistress of dominance,  A lady on high, Addiction personified, that glint in her eye… She puts us in places that we’ve never been, Oh MISTRESS BRYCE JONES The queen of the scene… We kneel in subservience,  […]

Today i was privelaged to spend a couple of hours in the company of Mistress Bryce Jones. .. Everyone’s proclivities vary enormously but i do know one thing… This impeccable dominatrix is simply unmatched in the arena of BDSM… One might proffer to suggest that other dommes don’t exude a genuine Authority. All i can […]

My session with Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones had been discussed on the phone and by email.  Now it was the day and hour to experience it. I turned up at the bar at the appointed time.  Having purchased a drink, I looked around to locate Mistress Bryce Jones.  I saw her sitting alone at a […]

My name is Neil and I had my session with Mistress BJ.  I had been looking forward to it, but I had also been really nervous.  There were things that I knew I enjoyed, and things that I imagined I would like to do, but how would it feel in real life?  Could I ask […]

I hope the following will do justice to the visit I had with yourself as it was certainly an amazing experience that I will never forget!! After deciding that I could resist it no more, I started surfing the Internet looking at various sites, looking for a Mistress that I hoped could take me on […]

Well hello and promise while ago i would write a review well here i am, my English is ok but writing is a bit harder you can read and if you spot something that i say and you think needs changing or correcting go ahead, i shell try to be simple and not just talk […]

Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones is definitely the Water Sports Queen. Absolutely she is! During our session yesterday, we started with Foot Worship, which I love, then Mistress strung me up from the ceiling and used electrics for CBT. I was then tied to the bondage bed and subjected to Nipple Torture. I really enjoyed this, partly […]

I have been in a D/s relationship with Mistress Bryce Jones for several months now, though it seems longer (in a very good way!)  As the relationship has grown so has our understanding and trust.  Regular play with a Dominatrix who knows her job (and me) very well is one of life’s joys. In today’s […]

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