I have been in a D/s relationship with Mistress Bryce Jones for several months now, though it seems longer (in a very good way!)  As the relationship has grown so has our understanding and trust.  Regular play with a Dominatrix who knows her job (and me) very well is one of life’s joys.

In today’s unique session I was taken to the edge MANY times.  I was tied up in different ways and toys such as pinwheels, candles, a metal claw etc. were used with great accuracy.  One aspect of Mistress’ skill is how long to torment me in a particular way.  Having found the right spot She stays there!!

She never works the same idea for too long, but does stay with it long enough to exploit the position and drive me to the edge!  Having the confidence to maintain a position or level of activity for just the right length of time comes with experience, and Mistress knows exactly what She’s doing!

What made the session unique was that this time we had an audience!  Another Domme had a sub in bondage all day and it was decided to use me to show him what he was in for later.  I’d obviously agreed to this, having been asked when I arrived for my session.  To be clear:- I wasn’t put on the spot by being asked as I know that there was another chamber we could have used if I’d felt uneasy about the other Domme and Her sub watching us.

Being “on show” was interesting.  For one thing I think that this meant that Mistress started to show off to them a little.  This meant even more torment for me!  I was left a gibbering wreck by the end of the session.  I rarely made eye contact with the other sub, but was well aware of his presence.  I made eye contact more frequently with the other Domme and found her watching and muttering comments to her sub quite an extra turn-on. Not that I needed it!

As I have said, I was left a gibbering (but very happy) wreck by the end of what had become a truly memorable session.

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