A subs verbal tribute,  well where does one start
Right at the beginning, and straight from the heart…

A mistress of dominance,  A lady on high,
Addiction personified, that glint in her eye…

She puts us in places that we’ve never been,
Oh MISTRESS BRYCE JONES The queen of the scene…

We kneel in subservience,  we quiver at her feet
This mesmerising lady we all want to meet.

We fantasise  about you, yet still we all crave more…
that wonderful time…session day, when we knock on your door

Just talkin with you normally, can put us at our ease
yet those same lips whisper instructions….
so make sure that you please. ..

Make sure that you please mistress.,
Whatever it is she requires….
or you’ll end up restrained,  with your balls hooked up to wires….

To serve this imperious lady, it truly is a must,
She humiliates with impunity,
But still she’ll make you lust…

To lick her boots obediently is one of lifes great pleasures,
Thats just the start For MBJ,
because soon she’ll have you tethered.

Whatever it is she ties you to be sure of just one thing….
That SHE’S THE BOSS, she’ll show you why
By breaking in your ring

Please enjoy your holiday and return to swinton well….
your subs are here…a stable full…
and between our legs there’s a swell…

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