I initially went to see a mistress after picking up the courage to do so, at 80 years old it was not an easy thing to do,but it was on my list of things to do before I was unable to, so off I went, I must say I was put off by the experience, I seemed in the way, I was given punishment which was to hard, and I had to ask for it to stop, she then tried to arouse me, but with age and by now more interested in getting out of the place  this was a failure, finally and thankfully it came to an end. I wasn’t interested in another encounter, and put the idea on the back burner.

But it was always in the back of my mind though, surely it mustn’t all be like that, I was told by an acquaintance who I new used mistresses and who I confided in, to book in with Mistress Bryce-Jones, I looked at her web site and was  impressed, but felt very nervous about taking the plunge, but I emailed and booked in, I explained my past and only experience plus my age, I got a pleasant message back and I booked in for a session. I arrived pressed the buzzer,  and was greeted by a well dressed lady with a big smile and felt at ease within the first 5 minutes, she sat me down and we went through my past experience, she named a list of things that she suggested I might like, I was a little concerned as we had talked and was still talking with  easily 20 mins gone, my thoughts were by the time a undress and get in the dungeon my time would be nearly up, she picked up on this and said with a smile , your time will start when we start your session, again I felt awful even thinking that my time was being wasted.

We entered the dungeon, it was full of things, like an Aladdin’s cave, I noticed how spotlessly clean it was, I will not go into detail but let me say this, I went to heaven and back, my time flew by, what a fantastic lady, she certainly knows her job, she is an expert and professional in every way,  I did not want to go home, I felt I must tell anyone who will listen and who are into fetish this lady is out of this world, I would like to go and spend every day if I could, and forget the rest of my things to do. The difference in my first experience and my time with Mistress Bryce-Jones was chalk and cheese

Jack P.
P.S. had a cuppa coffee and chat with this beautiful lady before my journey home.

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