My upskirt role-play session with Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones came around after years of wrestling with the idea. After reaching the age of 57, it was on my to do list and after ticking off most of the to do’s I was running out of options.

I have visited many UK mistress directory websites over the years and read many comments; who do I choose? Living just outside of London where there were plenty of mistresses available within the city, seemed at first that it would not be a problem arranging to book a session, but certain reviews I read kept coming into my mind like… ESCORT WITH A WHIP, ONE TRICK PONY, NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT, DOSENT LOOK LIKE HER PHOTOS, NOT WORTH THE MONEY etc. I thought to myself… this is going to be so very much more harder than I had first anticipated and maybe I am just so much better off thinking about my role-play fantasy and masturbating to myself in private; I have been doing that for over 20 years.

After putting it off yet again, and after a few months of enjoying myself alone thinking of my role-play fantasy, I got to thinking that maybe my wife has thoughts like mine; shall I approach the subject? Worth a try I thought to myself, and we do get kinky, maybe this is the answer to my role-play dreams. The night came around to where we indulge (Saturday night) and thought to myself how sad life has become, sex night is planned for the rest of my life. I was always in bed first on nookie night (happened that way) as I do need to get myself at least semi hard before she makes her grand entrance from the bathroom in her suspenders and stockings; she thinks it still turns me on. I try to remember how she looked 20 years ago, not the same these days… think I will maybe ask another time; I must concentrate on doing a ‘husbands’ job.

The next day I decided that’s it, I am going to visit a mistress no matter what, I get a call from my secretary, “can you travel down to Manchester because there is a problem at the Manchester branch and they need you there?” I replied, “right Bridget, let me talk with them on the phone and I will get back to you as soon as possible so that you can arrange my traveling arrangements.” After ringing about the problem, I thought to myself that I will be there and back the same day; I hate being stuck in a hotel on my own. Then it struck me, why don’t I visit a mistress in Manchester whilst I am there, I am not likely to bump into someone I know, will not matter if someone sees me going in the place. I rang my secretary “book me in the hotel for Thursday and Friday, it’s going to take a couple of days sorting their mess out.”

With these thoughts to hand, I started to look at a few dominatrix and Manchester mistress directories for mistresses; I found a directory and entered the website of Mistress Bryce-Jones. I read about Mistress being a global mistress and that Mistress had tutored different mistresses, claimed that she could do all types of BDSM and fetish, her tour of her dungeon fascinated me, her choice of dress was exquisite and there was one photo of her in a long red latex dress with her head thrown back laughing away; most of the other photos through the years I had looked at of other mistresses, were all so serious trying to look as terrifying as possible. Here was this beautiful lady with the biggest smile looking as if she is really enjoying herself (nice change); she got me hook line and sinker! Time for me to pluck up the courage.

I decided to email Mistress Bryce-Jones, explained how nervous I was and that I was a novice and told Mistress Bryce-Jones I wanted a scenario around something I could not stop thinking about for 30 years or so, I explained how I was a privileged child growing up in a big house, going to private school, my parents had an au pair girl from Sweden, in my eyes at my age she was a princess, I was fascinated with her, her accent everything, then… I told mistress my story.

We had a long steep staircase which I use to sit at the bottom of to play with my toys every night, Elsa the au pair use to go to bed at exactly 9.00pm, and after watching her go upstairs whilst I was sat playing, I started to look up her skirt as she climbed the stairs, after a period of time this started to arouse me more and more, I had just started to masturbate so this was a right turn on. The days were so slow waiting for her to show me her lovely long legs and her lovely underwear that was different every night of the week, I use to get a real thrill when on the odd occasion her underwear on one side would get stuck in the beautiful crack that divided the cheeks of her gorgeous soft peach bottom, this gave me a better view of her delicious bum, I lived for 9.00pm… why couldn’t it be 9.00pm all the time.

Elsa after a while realized what I was doing, and never said a word, but she gave me that smile just before she made her nightly trip upstairs. Time passed and after her shower night – which was Friday – she started to come to the very bottom of the stairs in her short silk dressing gown and in such a gentle voice said “Andrew could you please get me a glass of milk”. Mum and dad were in the main living room with the telly on as noisy as ever, I ran to the kitchen, opened the fridge and poured Elsa her milk, I took it to her, and with a soft “good boy” tone to her voice she turned around and purposely walked upstairs ever so slowly, I had a real hard on, she must have noticed the evolving bulge in my pants, I thought going red as a beetroot, then I realized that she had no underwear on… well without having to touch myself, I had the biggest cum ever in my pants; as she reached the top, she turned around and with a lovely smile she looked at me and said “good night Andrew”. After a few months of this repeating, I got home and mum said Elsa had to go home as her father was sick, I was devastated and that was the last time I saw Elsa mistress.

“Leave it with me” Mistress Bryce-Jones said, “book by mail, say the day and time you would like to request, and… bring some shorts and boys socks that come down to the knee.”

The day of my first visit I found myself stood at the door of the famous Mistress Bryce-Jones, I pressed the buzzer, the door opened and I walked upstairs into the reception room. I could hear Mistress on the phone to someone but couldn’t tell what was being said, then the phone went down and the reception door opened “sorry about that Andrew, I am on my own today” – which made me feel very relaxed – “would you like a drink?” Mistress asked, “no thanks” I replied “is this the first time you have seen a Mistress?” yes I replied “the first thing to learn Andrew is that when you answer back to me… you should refer to me as Mistress”, “so it’s no thanks Mistress” ok?

Mistress talked to me in a nice warm voice when correcting me and not in a humiliating way; I knew Mistress meant exactly what she said. “I want you to put your shorts and socks on, here is a cap” handing me a school boy’s cap and school tie, “I will be back soon… you get ready”; I couldn’t help thinking how much Mistress resembled my beautiful Elsa. I quickly changed, feeling a little embarrassed standing there like an overgrown school boy, Mistress came back into the room and looked fantastic in a short mini, high heels and a lovely top. “Come with me Andrew” and I excitedly followed Mistress thinking this is where we go into the dungeon, but no, we walked down the stairs ”sit there Andrew and play with this” and after handing me a toy train I sat down on the floor and looked at Mistress, “don’t look at me play with your toy”. I started to play with my toy, I heard Mistress say in a soft quite voice ”just listen Andrew without looking at me, the only time you can look at me is when you think I am halfway up those stairs, do you understand?“, “yes mistress” I replied.

Mistress started talking to me with ”hello Andrew it’s Elsa, I have come to see you” in a broken accent and told me that she had to go home as her father was sick and could not come back; I had my eyes closed, my mind went right back and I was imagining myself at the bottom of the stairs in my old home. Mistress knew I was waiting for her to walk up the stairs and could see me excited by the bulge in my shorts, then Mistress started to ask me questions “did you like my legs? and “did you like my bottom?” I so wanted to be nude for Mistress, my prick by now was rock hard, my brain had made up my mind that Mistress was really Elsa talking to me.

I heard Mistress starting to walk up the stairs, and remembering my instructions and thinking to myself that Mistress is now half way up the stairs… I opened my eyes and looked up. I could see right up the skirt of Mistress, one side of her underwear was stuck right into the crack of her bottom… just as I had explained in my email.

Mistress shouted from the top of the stairs for me to close my eyes and then began walking down, and said that we would repeat this each time, and told me that I was not allowed to open my eyes until I sensed that Mistress is half way. “Before opening your eyes Andrew, think Saturday, then we repeat, and the second time Sunday and so on, until we have done every day of the week Andrew”, “yes mistress” I replied. I heard Mistress starting to walk up the stairs, and whilst thinking to myself about when Mistress would reach half way up the stairs… I opened my eyes and there again… this beautiful bottom, deliciously lovely legs and different coloured underwear which changed each time to blue, green, pink and many other colours as we progressed through every day of the week.

I had completely forgotten that I was dressed in boys shorts, boys socks, boys school cap, tie and the feeling in my loins was even more important; Mistress was taking a while and I wondered why. I soon discovered the answer (thinking to myself that Mistress is now half way) when I opened my eyes… silky short night robe, and wow no underwear! Mistress turned her head and looking back… Mistress gave me that look (as much to say) “look at this naughty boy”. Mistress then smiled at me (Mistress looked so very much like my princess Elsa) and I just shot the biggest load of my entire life. I didn’t even realize that I had got my cock out, I didn’t even feel silly the way in which I was dressed; standing there with juices dripping all over me, god only knows what happened to the toy train I was given.

I showered, got dressed and ready to go with this amazing experience clearly imprinted in my mind, I was thinking to myself… I can’t wait to come back again as soon as possible to see my new princess Mistress Bryce-Jones.


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