This has been a great week at mistress bryce-jones chambers, dungeon, Manchester’s most experienced global Mistress really enjoyed the kidnaps with mistress Jadee, we, although I say it myself are making a great team, we have the kidnap scenario off to a tee, we have had tremendous feedback off our victims.

We picked up a slave off the street today no other than the busy A6 in Manchester, had him dancing before we bundled him into the car boot, it was a bit scary as passing cars were looking to see what was happening, one slowed right down and looked at me, a big smile and a wink reassured him as he wound the window down and said, “you go girl” it was hilarious, scary, and effective for all concerned.

Had a classic in this week, a furries scenario this is someone interested and likes to be a furry animal, it was a nice change from the norm, love the way out stuff, I am here to please lol, was really chuffed when he said that he thought the only mistress who in his mind, could carry this scenario off was me, nice compliment as there are some really good mistresses in Manchester, slaves in the north west are lucky to have such a fantastic range of the finest mistresses in the UK.

Having new photo shoot next week so hope you like them and get off on them, so if you do, get your sorry arses down to Swinton, we are just off the A6 15 mins from Trafford Center, 3 mins from Worsley, 10 mins from Manchester.

Why not try a double domme session, Mistress Jadee and myself, you will love it, that’s if you can take it.

See you soon you wasters. MBJ

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