20Oct 2014

Who is this worldly Woman,
This Mistress that’s gone global,
Are you ready to enter Her world,
Of domination that is total?

A demanding and strict Disciplinarian,
Is what She claims to be,
A corporal fix for the corporate world,
Is Her philosophy.

She is tall, slim and attractive,
A blond Goddess in every which way,
Words cannot do Her justice,
To see Her will blow you away.

26Aug 2014

Sent by Slave David.

I saw it on Twitter, my Owner’s command
Write Me a poem, meet My demand

I pondered, I paused, what could I write?
To please my Mistress, my total delight

The first time I met Her, I remember it well
One glimpse of Her beauty, I was under Her spell

Her eyes, Her hair, Her lips, Her leg
Straight on my knees, I wanted to beg

To be Her property, to serve Her forever
All thoughts of freedom, I decided to sever

You can try, She said, but the road will be tough
I can be kind and sweet, but I can also be rough

You’ll be My plaything, a thing to abuse
You’ll have no rights, you’re there to amuse

Obey My orders, or punishment will follow
You’ll feel the pain, and experience the sorrow

Of failing your Mistress, your reason to live
Disobedience is something I never forgive

Not a second’s thought, my mind is so clear
I adore my Mistress, soft or severe

I have started my training, each session is great
My greatest desire, Her slave, my fate

It’s still early, there’s a long way to go
But deep in my heart, I’m certain I know

I am the property, my skin, my bones
Of my Goddess, Mistress Bryce Jones

21Aug 2014

The Punishment

Through circumstances,

Not in his control,

He was inexcusably late,

Which was never his goal.


The door stood ajar,

Mistress Bryce Jones must be waiting,

He was surely in trouble,

What was She debating.


As he entered Her realm,

Embarrassed and meek,

He dropped to the floor,

Her forgiveness to seek.


She came in full view,

Standing tall and with might,

The Ultimate Mistress,

What a powerful sight.


Her dominant stance,

Made him shiver with fear,

He knew what was coming,

A punishment was near.


She stood feet apart,

With hands poised on Her hips,

With a stern wicked glare,

And those full pouty lips.


In one hand She held,

A paddle of leather,

A spanking was coming,

And not with a feather.


He cowered at Her feet,

Kissing softly but fast,

Hoping She would soften,

And Her anger would pass.


That was not to be,

Over the knee and with haste,

She had him positioned,

Without a moment to waste.


She held him in place,

He dared not resist,

He had been a bad slave,

And now She was pissed.


The punishment came fast,

Stroke after stroke,

Harder and harder,

He would be beaten and broke.


Each powerful stroke,

Caused his body to quiver,

He had to endure,

As She continued to deliver.


His bottom turned red,

And felt warm to the touch,

A feeling he had yet,

To experience that much.


When She was finished,

He dropped to the floor,

Ready to worship,

Her feet and much more.


She allowed him to thank Her,

For such a painful display,

A punishment much deserved,

For his lateness.

11Jul 2014

People assume that a performing dominatrix would offer a fetish performance fit only for adults,  with an x rated pornographic theme. They would be mistaken if they thought that, rest assured Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones is so different.


11Jun 2014

Well… thank you all for your recent scenario requests, it’s been a pleasure to help you out in your quest for BDSM satisfaction. Keep them coming and we will try and book you in for a session.

Anything you dream of, fantasize about or lust for., send the details request the session then enjoy your pain! Manchester is where it’s at, come in soon!


20Mar 2014

Just to mix things up a bit we have decided to try a different site theme and see how it goes.

It would be great if you could email us or use the contact form to tell us what you think, in fact I command you to tell us!


18Mar 2014

Calling all slaves and miserable wretches.

Scenario requests… send them in!

Anything you dream of, fantasize about or lust for., send the details request the session then enjoy your pain! Manchester is where it’s at, come in soon!


11Mar 2014

I am looking forward to meeting you. I would like to make an appointment with you for a medical tomorrow at 1 pm if that is possible.

The way I would like the scenario to go is as follows:

In essence I will be given a realistic medical during which I am seduced by the Dr as she takes things a bit too far as the examination progresses.

I do not see the scenario as being a domination one. It should be more sensual and gentle with no pain or humiliation involved on either part.

The Dr (you) should be dressed in normal clothing as befits the position albeit slightly but not overtly sexy, eg skirt and shirt/blouse with a hint of cleavage and bra. High heels with stockings and suspenders are preferred but not essential. She should also have a stethoscope hanging from her neck all the time.

I should be asked to undress only down to underpants in the initial stage of the exam.

The focus of the actual examination should be the use of the stethoscope to check heartbeat and breathing and sounds from other parts of the body as seen fit by the doctor. Performing these should be done with me standing, sitting and laying on the bed. There should be a lot of feeling of the body, gently but firmly pressing and touching to check for abnormalities. Any other diagnostic instruments can be used to check BP, eyes, ears, reflexes etc. If the surgery is not equipped with any of these I will have them with me.

As the exam moves into the more sexual stage and my pants need to be removed I would like it to progress naturally to involve mutual stroking, kissing and touching. At this point the Dr should also be shedding some clothing. I do not wish to have sexual intercourse but would not like to rule out any other jointly pleasurable actions.

If you have a scenario you would like to act our with any of the Manchester Mistresses please get in touch… it’ll be worth it!

18Feb 2014

We have just taken delivery of some frightening equipment for my Manchester chambers. New things are always arriving and it is so exciting and I cannot wait to test them out on you otherwise useless slaves!

Get over to Manchester an be put in the place you deserve!


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