08Nov 2018

After impeccably observed communication protocol throughout the week last Friday was time to see mistress bryce-jones. …  I use the word impeccable simply because that’s what I’ve become accustomed to in just three sessions.

Let there be no ambiguity, this is a lady whose range and execution of the esoteric arts have been acrued through studying the mind of us submissives. …

She is without fear of contradiction at the very peak of her formidable powers…

So, for my session on Friday after emailing mistress bryce-jones telling her my kinks on arrival I was put into a rubber suspender belt, Stockings and some gorgeous ankle boots .
Not only were they a perfect fit all round but the heel on the boots were high stretching my calves… (I adored it M’am”)…

Boot licking is one of my favourites and as soon as I saw Mistress figure I was taken aback as to just how attractive this lady is.

She’s truly mesmeric, combine that with her imperious reticence in session and cleaning mistress bryce-jones boots becomes almost spiritual, as for sucking her heels, let’s just say this is an exponent who’ll convey us into subspace with an unequalled impunity. ..

With just a look she can crush..

However, for me I’m equally turned on by cold, ruthlessly delivered pain,

Well, it’s appears this particular dominatrix has the finest selection of canes , whips and a plethora of implements to push people’s limits..

Again her touch, accuracy and control are sublime (absolutely mind blowing )
and yes I ache for more. .

One of my personal favourites is Nipple torture and not once did mistress ever apply clamps. ..like I was saying her timing for torture is telepathic, she really does see right into us…

This is written by someone privileged to have sessioned with Mistress bryce-jones. …

I’m hoping to become a regular. ..

I’ve finally found a mistress worthy of the title.

25Aug 2018

Yet another perfect session with Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones.

As soon as I walked through the door and saw Mistress, I thought “Wow!” Mistress’s perfect figure was beautifully displayed through the one piece black leotard she was wearing. I was hoping she would wear it for the session, and she did. Mistress gets more beautiful with the passing of time.

After worshiping her feet and massaging them with scented cream, I was strapped to her table and subjected to nipple torture and the most skillfully applied electrics I have ever experienced. Mistress has (no doubt very expensive) highly advanced electrics that she can (and does) keep you on edge for ages, while drift deeply into subspace during a tasteful, erotically charged session.

This is BDSM at its finest. In terms of equipment, expertise and dedication, nobody else comes close.

These are not the musings of a sycophantic submissive. My words are gratitude for the best experience ever.

Thank you Mistress Bryce Jones

11Feb 2018

Mistress Bryce-Jones is the Queen of professional Mistresses. I won’t session with anyone else now. There is no point. When you have had the most perfect, incomparable session, you won’t want to settle for second best.

Mistress Bryce-Jones’ dungeon is in a quiet area with parking outside. Her dungeon is incredibly well equipped, and Mistress is very well versed in just about every kind of Domination and BDSM there is.

Mistress Bryce-Jones has trained and continues to train other Mistresses, such is her vast knowledge and enjoyment of the BDSM scene. Her electrics equipment is amazing. It can bring you right to the edge time and again, and you won’t cum until Mistress allows you to.

We did foot worship, nipple torture and CBT with electrics. Your mileage may vary, but whatever BDSM related interests you have, when you are in the presence of Mistress Bryce-Jones, you will know that you are being treated to the most magnificent session possible.

21Jul 2017

Hello Mistress

As ive not written to you for quite some while im perusing your website and it makes me smile…

Ive never forgotten how you make me feel,
When im at your mercy and sucking your heel…
That psychological hold you have over us, its wanton pleasure undilutale lust..

You’re websites got a gallery five
You’re all in black, a feast for our eyes
A body to die for, a woman to obey
When we come to swinton we all want to play…

You’re the best there is beyond all doubt
No other dominatrix is in with a shout
The pain you inflict causes you to smile
And i haven’t been to see you for some while…

But in the next few weeks thats all gonna change
I live quite close, in geographical range
I hope your well and still remain
The mistress of the whip, the empress of the cane..

Ill lick your boots, ill kiss your arse
To consider another dom would be total farce.
You can mark me now, ive nothing to hide
Mistress Bryce Jones, i crave your time

Respectfully yours

07May 2017

Because of personal issues, it is over 3 months since I last had a session with a Mistress. I just haven’t had the time. Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones is a two and a half hour drive away from where I live and although there are Mistresses nearer to me, I only session with the very best, and Mistress Bryce-Jones is the very best. Beautiful, spotlessly clean, very well equipped and very highly skilled as a Mistress.

Because I now only session with Mistress Bryce-Jones, she knows my submissive needs very well, and knows exactly which buttons to press. Mistress Bryce-Jones is so good that she trains other Mistresses. I strongly recommend that you visit Mistress Bryce-Jones for a session. There is no-one better.

Very much looking forward to going back.

11Jan 2017

Your psychological holds so strong ,that
New subordinates keep coming along
Attracted by your body of sin
you hold our emotions deep within..

There’s nobody to touch you
you’re in you’re own class
A masterpiece of Art,
and im not being crass.

Your pulls so strong your reviewers say
If its dominance you want
there’s only one way.
it points to swinton and Mistress Bryce Jones. ..
this heaven sent females in a league of her own.

Just one visit and i was hooked
I knew it after just one look
Her confidence shows when she speaks her mind
A beautiful lady, caring and kind

As kind as Mistress Bryce Jones can be
Don’t be fooled by her radiant beauty
She’ll click her fingers and give a look
you’ll be on your knees and licking her boots

Psychologically superior,
Intellectually imperious
she inhabits a fantasy realm,
She’s the best in the business
her stables full of subjects
And Mistress Bryce Jones is at the helm

Her facility in swinton has been called aladdins cave
And miss Bryce Jones’s approval is the thing that we all crave…

I hope you have an evening without any mishaps.
this poems written by your poet
who’ll glady take your slaps…

11Jan 2017

A subs verbal tribute,  well where does one start
Right at the beginning, and straight from the heart…

A mistress of dominance,  A lady on high,
Addiction personified, that glint in her eye…

She puts us in places that we’ve never been,
Oh MISTRESS BRYCE JONES The queen of the scene…

We kneel in subservience,  we quiver at her feet
This mesmerising lady we all want to meet.

We fantasise  about you, yet still we all crave more…
that wonderful time…session day, when we knock on your door

Just talkin with you normally, can put us at our ease
yet those same lips whisper instructions….
so make sure that you please. ..

Make sure that you please mistress.,
Whatever it is she requires….
or you’ll end up restrained,  with your balls hooked up to wires….

To serve this imperious lady, it truly is a must,
She humiliates with impunity,
But still she’ll make you lust…

To lick her boots obediently is one of lifes great pleasures,
Thats just the start For MBJ,
because soon she’ll have you tethered.

Whatever it is she ties you to be sure of just one thing….
That SHE’S THE BOSS, she’ll show you why
By breaking in your ring

Please enjoy your holiday and return to swinton well….
your subs are here…a stable full…
and between our legs there’s a swell…

11Jan 2017

Today i was privelaged to spend a couple of hours in the company of Mistress Bryce Jones. ..
Everyone’s proclivities vary enormously but i do know one thing…
This impeccable dominatrix is simply unmatched in the arena of BDSM…
One might proffer to suggest that other dommes don’t exude a genuine Authority.
All i can say is that as soon as you meet mistress you’ll know whose in charge.
Her oratory and confidence exude a professionalism unmatched by any i have ever sessioned with…
I’ve travelled most of europe with my work life and have experienced a not inconsiderable number of doms..
Germany,  Holland,  France and Belgium.
Not one of them can match Mistress Bryce Jones for the full on psychological subordinates experience. .
Whether it be a slap, flogger or a cane mistress leaves her clients in no doubt as to whose in charge. ..and its wonderful.
Submitting to a powerful lady for some is just a natural part of life and practicioners of the esoteric arts of BDSM don’t get any better than this lady.
As previously stated individual proclivities vary enormously from person to person but for me personally its the eye contact with Mistress which mesmerises…
I hope I’m not overstepping the mark or being disrespectful when i say that MBJ can and does control with a look.
Role plays all well and good and for some it is the pinnacle of BDSM play.
Personally i adore the thought of Mistress enjoying inflicting real pain as i hope she feels gratified knowing that one of her many subs craves her approval. If enduring pain and other degrading acts is what it takes to gain her approval….Then suffer for this imperious mistress…take her correction
She’s not the best Manchester dominatrix for no reason.
This is a lady who can and does choose her whores….she can afford to…she knows she’s the best..anyone who switches from laughing at you one minute then with just a look puts her heel in your mouth to quell any possible impudence knows exactly how to deal with her subs .
She is unequivocally unrivalled in her area of expertise. ..
She’s the best…not because mistress says it but because she has innumerable testimonials just like this one singing her praises…
The best dominatrix in the north of England and possibly I’d suggest even further afield. ..
Thankyou for today M’am. …the first of many id envisage. ..

04Nov 2016

My session with Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones had been discussed on the phone and by email.  Now it was the day and hour to experience it.

I turned up at the bar at the appointed time.  Having purchased a drink, I looked around to locate Mistress Bryce Jones.  I saw her sitting alone at a table near the exit.  She was elegantly dressed in a close fitting leather jacket, white blouse and black skirt.  The skirt just touched the top of her long, shiny black boots with a 3 inch stiletto heel.  Mistress Bryce Jones sipped at her glass of wine as she read her magazine.  She looked stunning.  Casually watching her, I saw her finish her drink, put down the magazine and begin to pull on her leather gloves.  It looked like she was about to leave, and that was the agreed signal for me to follow her.  I was dressed in the distinctive jacket so she could readily identify me.  As we were getting to the end of October, it was now quite dark at that time of the evening.

Mistress Bryce Jones turned right out of the bar and walked down the road.  She turned into a small alley leading to a car park.  I was keeping about 20 metres behind her, admiring her graceful walk in the high heeled boots.  As I turned into the alley, I could not see her and began to quicken my pace to catch up with her.  I had gone about a dozen steps down the dark alley when a stern and authoritative female voice called out “STOP – do not turn round”.

I froze immediately, keeping my head facing forward.  I could hear the clicking of the high heels as they approached me from behind.  A leather gloved hand firmly gripped the side of my neck while a second gloved hand passed a silk blindfold to me.  “Put this on NOW” the female voice commanded.  I complied at once.  She quickly and thoroughly searched me, removing my phone, wallet and couple of pens from my jacket.  “Just putting these into a screened bag to make sure we don’t have anyone tracking us.  Put your hands behind your back!”.

I felt the cold metal of handcuffs being placed around my wrists, then firmly latching closed.  I felt Mistress Bryce Jones move beside me.  One arm went behind my back and held the handcuffs, the other held my arm so she could guide me.  “Walk forward slowly.  The car is a couple of minutes walk away.”  In the dark, with the limited street lighting, we would probably look like any other couple taking a stroll together.  I felt slightly unsteady walking blindfolded, but Mistress Bryce Jones had a strong grip and guided me forwards.

“Stop” she commanded.  I heard the clunk of a car door unlocking.  She carefully assisted me in to the car.  It was slightly uncomfortable with my hands cuffed behind my back.  I heard the seat belt being pulled out and felt the brush of her leather jacket against my face as she reached across me to latch the belt in place.  The car door closed beside me and I heard her get into the driver’s seat.  A gloved hand went to my throat, thumb down one side of my neck, fingers down the other.  “Don’t struggle and remain silent.  Otherwise I will have to gag you.”

We drove in silence for around 15 minutes.  I knew the area fairly well, but after a few turns and round abouts, I was totally lost.  I felt the car slow and then turn onto a gravel drive.  It stopped, and then Mistress Bryce Jones was at my side of the car, undoing the seat belt and guiding me away from the car.  We climbed three steps, then paused as she unlocked a door.  As we stepped through the doorway, she locked the door behind us.  We walked forwards for maybe 15 metres and it felt as though we had entered a different room.  She released her grip on my arm and I heard a door close behind me and a key turning in what sounded like a large lock.  She led me forward another several steps.  “Stand still” she ordered and I heard her walk away, followed by the rustle of clothing and zips.  She returned and I felt the gloved fingers drag across my chest to my nipple, which she then pinched sharply.  There was a small laugh at my sharp intake of breath.  Moving behind me, she released the handcuffs with the instruction “Do not remove your blindfold.  You don’t know where you are and nobody else knows where you are.  You are totally under my control.  You can scream if you want to (and you may well do later)… but nobody will hear or care.”.

I heard her move away and the creak of furniture as she sat down.  “Undress for me” was the next command.  I quickly removed my clothing, kneeling down to undo my shoe laces.  As my last sock came off, I stood up.  It was only at this point that I considered there may be other people in the room.  I had heard nothing, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.  Mistress Bryce Jones got up and stood in front of me.  A gloved hand grabbed my balls and the pressure slowly increased until I cried out.  She released her grip and I heard the stiletto heels click on the wooden flooring as she walked back to her seat.

“Crawl to me,” Mistress Bryce Jones ordered.  I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled towards the sound of her voice. “Stop” she commanded.  Her voice was only a couple of feet away.  I could now smell the rich scent of her leather boots.  “Show me your gratitude by worshiping my boots” she instructed.  I lowered my head towards where I thought the boot was.  My cheek touched the leather shaft of the boot and I moved downwards, seeking out the pointed toe of the boot so I could begin my task.  I experienced a mix of emotions; fear, not knowing what was going to happen; anticipation, hoping that I would not disappoint this dominant woman; excitement, this was one of my strongest fantasies but was now happening for real.

As I began kissing the toe of the boot, I felt the stiletto heel of the other boot press into the back of my neck.  She swiveled her boot heel into my neck.  “You forgot to thank me for allowing you to do this act” she said.

“Thank you Ma’am” I quickly  said, hoping that the pain would stop.  After a few moments, she lifted her heel away.  “Good!  The quicker you learn your place and what is required of you, the less pain you will have to endure.”  I felt as she slapped a leather riding crop against her boot, close to where my head was.


For Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones

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