05Jul 2016

I hope the following will do justice to the visit I had with yourself as it was certainly an amazing experience that I will never forget!!

After deciding that I could resist it no more, I started surfing the Internet looking at various sites, looking for a Mistress that I hoped could take me on a journey of discovery pain and pleasure. For me it was something I had to do, and when I found the website of Mistress Bryce-Jones I knew I had to look no further. Being my first time I read other people’s testimonials and opinions which only made me more determined to make a booking. At this stage I was incredibly nervous but excited, I made my booking via email, I was asked what kind of session I was looking for, what experience I had and my limits. It really was at this point that I knew I had made the right choice. Mistress explained that for my first time, it would be a chance to experience different activities, see what I liked and maybe what I didn’t and it is this approach that I respected the most, Mistress is in charge but also caring and considerate to your needs.

On arrival, I was incredibly nervous but determined and as I pressed the buzzer to gain entry I knew there was no turning back and I am so glad I didn’t!! What greeted me in the lounge took my breath away, a beautiful, powerful lady with a personality and style that you really have to see. We chatted for a brief period about how the session would go, Mistress explaining things completely so there was no doubts whatsoever in my mind, again testament to the thoroughly professional way Mistress approaches the session.

As we entered the dungeon my heart really started beating!! The first thing I noticed was how immaculate the room and all the various items were, again cementing in my mind the fact that I had made the right choice.

What I experienced that day was amazing, a truly mind blowing and thoroughly enjoyable time. Mistress took my idea and built upon it adding bits to enhance the session but always talking to me, asking was I happy and trust me I was!! The way she secured my hands above my head at one point, leaving me powerless and completely at her mercy is something that will stay with me, the words she used, “strong words softly spoken” left me in no doubt that I was in her world now and how I loved it!! The various positions she put me in the implements she used so expertly and the choice of words used, all combined to make it an unforgettable time, something that I will most definitely be repeating given the chance!!

Thank you Mistress Bryce-Jones, I could not have had a better introduction, I will most definitely be repeating this with you in the future. You truly are an expert in all you do and I can’t wait to continue my journey of discovery with you.


20Jun 2016

Well hello and promise while ago i would write a review well here i am, my English is ok but writing is a bit harder you can read and if you spot something that i say and you think needs changing or correcting go ahead, i shell try to be simple and not just talk about one session but overall the time i know you and what you are and have …and am not going over board if i make compliments , you deserve them.

In a perfect world you would think all has to be perfect. So long time ago when i took enough courage to look for and visit a Mistress i was in for a big disappointment, and took me almost a year before i decided to try again.

And is when i met first time Mistress Bryce Jones and never looked back, still remember as if it is today and after reading some of the reviews here i can easily say that nothing has changed.

I met a woman that yes is a Mistress but also a lady with manners and courtesy in abundance till of course session start then you are in for one ride you wont forget easily, and over the years we became also friends. And what i saw and liked is still there now.

Class beauty clever natural great sense of humor, and like a Swiss clock always delivering what we expect a great session and most important the respect she has for all that come to visit her, plus knowledge  experience and with Mistress Bryce Jones safety an important part of any session. A reliable Mistress, that takes your time and enjoyment very seriously. Don’t make mistake Mistress Bryce Jones will not tolerate fools, rudeness, or be ready for another type of ride.

And yes her own premises that they are second to none they are impressive. They are clean sorry not just clean but very clean. Her 2 dungeons when you enter them is like someone says in a review here Aladin caves full of objects. Am not going into details but looking round the walls one wonder what would be like if she decides to use any of them

What impressed me over the years is her memory for details in any session, nothing is left to chance all is meticulously calculate and done with plenty effect at right time with a smile. Yes Mistress Bryce Jones enjoys very much what she does, when you walk out of her premises you sure know that you have been somewhere special.

Her smile and her eyes the way she walks unhurried but with purpose, knowing exactly how to deal with any scenario, and her voice calm sometime just a mean full whisper, never loud, enough to put any slave into complete submission.

Remember don’t ask for what you might not be able to take, Mistress Bryce Jones will respect all limits agreed prior any session, and take you in a place that you will want to visit again.

And like to finish with a comment that says all as I found out my self. Mistress Bryce Jones is not just a Mistress but also a normal lady with a gold heart.


And thank you for taking time to understand my written English lol ciaooo..

05Apr 2016

I have been in a D/s relationship with Mistress Bryce Jones for several months now, though it seems longer (in a very good way!)  As the relationship has grown so has our understanding and trust.  Regular play with a Dominatrix who knows her job (and me) very well is one of life’s joys.

In today’s unique session I was taken to the edge MANY times.  I was tied up in different ways and toys such as pinwheels, candles, a metal claw etc. were used with great accuracy.  One aspect of Mistress’ skill is how long to torment me in a particular way.  Having found the right spot She stays there!!

She never works the same idea for too long, but does stay with it long enough to exploit the position and drive me to the edge!  Having the confidence to maintain a position or level of activity for just the right length of time comes with experience, and Mistress knows exactly what She’s doing!

What made the session unique was that this time we had an audience!  Another Domme had a sub in bondage all day and it was decided to use me to show him what he was in for later.  I’d obviously agreed to this, having been asked when I arrived for my session.  To be clear:- I wasn’t put on the spot by being asked as I know that there was another chamber we could have used if I’d felt uneasy about the other Domme and Her sub watching us.

Being “on show” was interesting.  For one thing I think that this meant that Mistress started to show off to them a little.  This meant even more torment for me!  I was left a gibbering wreck by the end of the session.  I rarely made eye contact with the other sub, but was well aware of his presence.  I made eye contact more frequently with the other Domme and found her watching and muttering comments to her sub quite an extra turn-on. Not that I needed it!

As I have said, I was left a gibbering (but very happy) wreck by the end of what had become a truly memorable session.

01Feb 2016

Dear Mistress Bryce-Jones

A very big thank You for a wonderful experience yesterday.  You went to a great deal of trouble to make it happen, and there were so many bits that really made it special, they are almost too numerous to mention.

I loved the different scarves that you wore, I know they can be viewed as old-fashioned, but in an open topped sports car, with dark glasses, the look is fabulous.   Would love to see You in my Porsche on a summer’s day dressed like that!

The chair tie was different, and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get out, after that though nothing else was escapable.  I have never been tied up standing with rope from top to bottom before, lovely and cosy, and when I got home, found that Mistress Jadee had tweeted that.  Loved the strap line!

And then You hogtied me and left me gagged.   That is probably the best hog tie that I have been in.  The rope work was deliciously tight, quite painful occasionally but at no time did my circulation get cut off, a tribute to Your excellent rope skills.

And then You tied me to the bench in the other room, in a way that I haven’t had done before, but that I couldn’t move in.   Wonderful!

I wonder whether You realised that much of the noise I made when You were tying me was enjoyment and not pain, and I love to struggle, and know well that it will hopefully get tighter!   Yesterday, it did :))

I left the area without a problem, and even did my shopping at Tesco on the way back. (still dressed of course), and was home by 6, sleeping very well last night!

It was a most memorable day, and as I said before, I am most grateful for the time and effort that You put into this to make it happen for me.   I would love to come and see You again at some time in the future, and would be interested perhaps in a longer stay, perhaps overnight.

From something else You said yesterday, the prospect of taking You shopping for scarves is a most interesting one, that could be fun!

I  hopefully will  be able to meet with you in the future, and be at Your mercy with Your superb rope skills.

With grateful thanks.

Yours respectfully



06Dec 2015

I am not a novice in the BDSM world, though my experience has been limited to many visits to just one lady. I made the decision to visit Mistress Bryce-Jones some time ago and I am SO glad I did.  I have now visited Mistress Bryce-Jones five times. I still feel very much at the start of a wonderful journey as our D/s relationship develops and grows and I feel sure that in a few months I will be updating this review with news of more visits and experiences.

Her dungeon is spotless, very well equipped and it is HER dungeon. This means that She knows every piece of equipment and is confident in Her own setting. She is clearly “at home” there in away that made me relax and have confidence in Her very quickly.

Mistress Bryce-Jones is a beautiful lady. This may seem like an obvious statement to anyone that has seen Her photographs online, but being attractive is about more than looks and dressing the part. Her manner, respect for Her clients and the way She moves all add to the warmth of personality that puts newbies at ease and develops an all important trust very quickly.

Meeting Her one is struck by the effort that goes into finding out what you as a new client want. I am sure that many of us find it difficult to express ourselves at this first meeting, but Mistress is genuinely interested. She wants the session to go well, not just to please the client but because it gives Her personal satisfaction. I am certain that She enjoys her sessions, and in truth the moments that Her smile is widest will live long in your memory… You’ll find out why when you know what makes her smile!!

What happens in session? I am sure that different subs would tell very different tales, since sessions are personal to the needs and desires of the client. I have experienced bondage of various types as loss of control is an important element to me. I am not personally into pain for its own sake in a big way, but having a beautiful woman exert control to the point of inflicting pain “for Her” is a huge turn on in my case. Mistress has built on this over the sessions and I know we will go much further as time passes and the relationship grows.  Trust does not need to grow because I trust Her totally now.

Mistress tells me that she has many “regulars” and I can well believe it.  With Her permission I shall be a regular for the foreseeable future.

28Sep 2015

This was my third session with Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones. If I am in Manchester I only session with Mistress Bryce-Jones because she is a highly skilled, well equipped Mistress, very attractive and dedicated to providing a session of the highest quality.

I requested foot worship, needle play and electrics. When it comes to electrics, (any kind of BDSM in fact) I have yet to meet a Mistress who is more skilled than Mistress Bryce-Jones.  It is the most wonderful experience, and I strongly recommend that you try it.

If you seek a Mistress in Manchester, you need look no further

Thank you Mistress

peter xxx

28Jun 2015

Mistress Bryce-Jones is an extraordinary Mistress.  I first met her a few weeks ago and I have now had 2 incredible sessions with her.

I have been lucky in that over the years, I have had sessions with some of the best Mistresses in the UK.  I choose only to session with the very best Mistresses, and I have had some wonderful experiences.  Mistress Bryce-Jones  has few peers, and there are many reasons for that.

I read the text on Mistress Bryce Jones’ website thoroughly before going to session with her for the first time.  The text on her website reveals her unparalleled knowledge of the Dominant / submissive symbiosis, as well as her extremely high level of intelligence.  It also reveals the incredible effort that she has put into everything she does.  While reading her text, it became obvious to me that a session with Mistress Bryce-Jones was going to be a very special experience indeed.  And so it was.

Mistress Bryce-Jones is a perfectionist, and highly attentive and responsive to every detail I had given her regarding my session interests.  She is also deeply knowledgeable about the psychology of the submissive, and she uses this to the maximum effect.

On arriving at the dungeon in Swinton, Manchester, I was taken aback by her beauty.  Mistress has a pure, natural beauty, and she has the perfect figure that comes with strict attention to diet and exercise. Mistress is scrupulously clean, as is her dungeon, both giving me further confirmation of the phenomenal effort she makes in everything she does.

The first session was nothing short of absolute perfection from start to finish.  Mistress Bryce-Jones got me into subspace within a few seconds of arriving and I was still there right at the end.  So much so that Mistress gently and caringly brought me out of subspace and back to normality after the session had ended.

Mistress Bryce-Jones is the only Mistress I have ever been able to completely surrender to.  Before my second session, I asked Mistress to take control and do exactly what she wanted to do to me.  No safewords, no traffic light analogies, etc.  I have absolute 100% trust in her.  What followed was the most incredible sequence of mutually enjoyable experiences that I have ever participated in.  A session with Mistress Bryce-Jones is not one way traffic.   She thoroughly enjoys everything she does, and feeds off your reactions to what she is doing to you, increasing her Dominance of you and your submission to her.  I recommend that you put your trust into Mistress Bryce-Jones and submit to her without question.  You will soon find that by obeying her, you will be taken to a place where few submissives ever go.

Whatever your submissive needs, as long as they are sane and healthy, Mistress Bryce-Jones will understand and deal with them far better and more intelligently than anyone else ever could.

My hope is that you will visit Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones, because if you want to session with the very best Mistress and experience a synergistic session of the most supreme kind, then in my opinion nobody else compares. I also hope that you will write a better testimonial than my humble offering.  I look forward to reading it here.

Mistress Bryce-Jones, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. You are amazing.  Awesome.


30Apr 2015

I initially went to see a mistress after picking up the courage to do so, at 80 years old it was not an easy thing to do,but it was on my list of things to do before I was unable to, so off I went, I must say I was put off by the experience, I seemed in the way, I was given punishment which was to hard, and I had to ask for it to stop, she then tried to arouse me, but with age and by now more interested in getting out of the place  this was a failure, finally and thankfully it came to an end. I wasn’t interested in another encounter, and put the idea on the back burner.

But it was always in the back of my mind though, surely it mustn’t all be like that, I was told by an acquaintance who I new used mistresses and who I confided in, to book in with Mistress Bryce-Jones, I looked at her web site and was  impressed, but felt very nervous about taking the plunge, but I emailed and booked in, I explained my past and only experience plus my age, I got a pleasant message back and I booked in for a session. I arrived pressed the buzzer,  and was greeted by a well dressed lady with a big smile and felt at ease within the first 5 minutes, she sat me down and we went through my past experience, she named a list of things that she suggested I might like, I was a little concerned as we had talked and was still talking with  easily 20 mins gone, my thoughts were by the time a undress and get in the dungeon my time would be nearly up, she picked up on this and said with a smile , your time will start when we start your session, again I felt awful even thinking that my time was being wasted.

We entered the dungeon, it was full of things, like an Aladdin’s cave, I noticed how spotlessly clean it was, I will not go into detail but let me say this, I went to heaven and back, my time flew by, what a fantastic lady, she certainly knows her job, she is an expert and professional in every way,  I did not want to go home, I felt I must tell anyone who will listen and who are into fetish this lady is out of this world, I would like to go and spend every day if I could, and forget the rest of my things to do. The difference in my first experience and my time with Mistress Bryce-Jones was chalk and cheese

Jack P.
P.S. had a cuppa coffee and chat with this beautiful lady before my journey home.

26Mar 2015

I was nervous about my first session with Mistress Bryce-Jones. I’ve known of her for many years and I knew that she has trained several other Mistresses, so I knew that she must be a seriously good Mistress. I was therefore somewhat overawed by her.

There is plentiful free parking outside the dungeon.  I’d travelled for 2 and a half hours to get there and I was a bit early, but Mistress agreed to see me before the agreed time, so I went straight in.

The multi roomed dungeon is large and well equipped with the highest quality equipment, and maintained in spotless condition.  Very impressive.

One often reads in testimonials that the Mistress looks even more beautiful in person than the photos on the website would suggest. In fairness to the photos, a 2 dimensional photo is never going to look as nice as a living, moving Mistress in person. Mistress Bryce Jones is no exception. She has a very beautiful face, perfect figure, sexy legs and beautiful sexy feet that I really longed to worship. I was taken aback by her beauty as soon as I saw her.

Mistress had asked about my preferences and hard limits via email, so the session started as soon as I arrived. Her unparalleled expertise was evident as soon as the session started. She noticed I was still nervous and she immediately calmed and relaxed me, before taking me on the most wonderful BDSM journey I have ever experienced.

Mistress started with shoe and foot worship – a really delightful experience. I was then strapped face up on the bench and subjected to CBT and NT.

The electrics used for CBT are of the highest quality.  I’ve never experienced electrics as good as these before.

Being tortured and humiliated by such a beautiful Mistress of the highest echelon is an exquisitively wonderful experience that one rarely experiences.

Everything about Mistress Bryce-Jones is absolutely top class. She is the Queen of Mistresses.  The very best of the best. If you want a BDSM experience that cannot be bettered I strongly recommend that you book a session with Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones

19Mar 2015

My upskirt role-play session with Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones came around after years of wrestling with the idea. After reaching the age of 57, it was on my to do list and after ticking off most of the to do’s I was running out of options.

I have visited many UK mistress directory websites over the years and read many comments; who do I choose? Living just outside of London where there were plenty of mistresses available within the city, seemed at first that it would not be a problem arranging to book a session, but certain reviews I read kept coming into my mind like… ESCORT WITH A WHIP, ONE TRICK PONY, NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT, DOSENT LOOK LIKE HER PHOTOS, NOT WORTH THE MONEY etc. I thought to myself… this is going to be so very much more harder than I had first anticipated and maybe I am just so much better off thinking about my role-play fantasy and masturbating to myself in private; I have been doing that for over 20 years.

After putting it off yet again, and after a few months of enjoying myself alone thinking of my role-play fantasy, I got to thinking that maybe my wife has thoughts like mine; shall I approach the subject? Worth a try I thought to myself, and we do get kinky, maybe this is the answer to my role-play dreams. The night came around to where we indulge (Saturday night) and thought to myself how sad life has become, sex night is planned for the rest of my life. I was always in bed first on nookie night (happened that way) as I do need to get myself at least semi hard before she makes her grand entrance from the bathroom in her suspenders and stockings; she thinks it still turns me on. I try to remember how she looked 20 years ago, not the same these days… think I will maybe ask another time; I must concentrate on doing a ‘husbands’ job.

The next day I decided that’s it, I am going to visit a mistress no matter what, I get a call from my secretary, “can you travel down to Manchester because there is a problem at the Manchester branch and they need you there?” I replied, “right Bridget, let me talk with them on the phone and I will get back to you as soon as possible so that you can arrange my traveling arrangements.” After ringing about the problem, I thought to myself that I will be there and back the same day; I hate being stuck in a hotel on my own. Then it struck me, why don’t I visit a mistress in Manchester whilst I am there, I am not likely to bump into someone I know, will not matter if someone sees me going in the place. I rang my secretary “book me in the hotel for Thursday and Friday, it’s going to take a couple of days sorting their mess out.”

With these thoughts to hand, I started to look at a few dominatrix and Manchester mistress directories for mistresses; I found a directory and entered the website of Mistress Bryce-Jones. I read about Mistress being a global mistress and that Mistress had tutored different mistresses, claimed that she could do all types of BDSM and fetish, her tour of her dungeon fascinated me, her choice of dress was exquisite and there was one photo of her in a long red latex dress with her head thrown back laughing away; most of the other photos through the years I had looked at of other mistresses, were all so serious trying to look as terrifying as possible. Here was this beautiful lady with the biggest smile looking as if she is really enjoying herself (nice change); she got me hook line and sinker! Time for me to pluck up the courage.

I decided to email Mistress Bryce-Jones, explained how nervous I was and that I was a novice and told Mistress Bryce-Jones I wanted a scenario around something I could not stop thinking about for 30 years or so, I explained how I was a privileged child growing up in a big house, going to private school, my parents had an au pair girl from Sweden, in my eyes at my age she was a princess, I was fascinated with her, her accent everything, then… I told mistress my story.

We had a long steep staircase which I use to sit at the bottom of to play with my toys every night, Elsa the au pair use to go to bed at exactly 9.00pm, and after watching her go upstairs whilst I was sat playing, I started to look up her skirt as she climbed the stairs, after a period of time this started to arouse me more and more, I had just started to masturbate so this was a right turn on. The days were so slow waiting for her to show me her lovely long legs and her lovely underwear that was different every night of the week, I use to get a real thrill when on the odd occasion her underwear on one side would get stuck in the beautiful crack that divided the cheeks of her gorgeous soft peach bottom, this gave me a better view of her delicious bum, I lived for 9.00pm… why couldn’t it be 9.00pm all the time.

Elsa after a while realized what I was doing, and never said a word, but she gave me that smile just before she made her nightly trip upstairs. Time passed and after her shower night – which was Friday – she started to come to the very bottom of the stairs in her short silk dressing gown and in such a gentle voice said “Andrew could you please get me a glass of milk”. Mum and dad were in the main living room with the telly on as noisy as ever, I ran to the kitchen, opened the fridge and poured Elsa her milk, I took it to her, and with a soft “good boy” tone to her voice she turned around and purposely walked upstairs ever so slowly, I had a real hard on, she must have noticed the evolving bulge in my pants, I thought going red as a beetroot, then I realized that she had no underwear on… well without having to touch myself, I had the biggest cum ever in my pants; as she reached the top, she turned around and with a lovely smile she looked at me and said “good night Andrew”. After a few months of this repeating, I got home and mum said Elsa had to go home as her father was sick, I was devastated and that was the last time I saw Elsa mistress.

“Leave it with me” Mistress Bryce-Jones said, “book by mail, say the day and time you would like to request, and… bring some shorts and boys socks that come down to the knee.”

The day of my first visit I found myself stood at the door of the famous Mistress Bryce-Jones, I pressed the buzzer, the door opened and I walked upstairs into the reception room. I could hear Mistress on the phone to someone but couldn’t tell what was being said, then the phone went down and the reception door opened “sorry about that Andrew, I am on my own today” – which made me feel very relaxed – “would you like a drink?” Mistress asked, “no thanks” I replied “is this the first time you have seen a Mistress?” yes I replied “the first thing to learn Andrew is that when you answer back to me… you should refer to me as Mistress”, “so it’s no thanks Mistress” ok?

Mistress talked to me in a nice warm voice when correcting me and not in a humiliating way; I knew Mistress meant exactly what she said. “I want you to put your shorts and socks on, here is a cap” handing me a school boy’s cap and school tie, “I will be back soon… you get ready”; I couldn’t help thinking how much Mistress resembled my beautiful Elsa. I quickly changed, feeling a little embarrassed standing there like an overgrown school boy, Mistress came back into the room and looked fantastic in a short mini, high heels and a lovely top. “Come with me Andrew” and I excitedly followed Mistress thinking this is where we go into the dungeon, but no, we walked down the stairs ”sit there Andrew and play with this” and after handing me a toy train I sat down on the floor and looked at Mistress, “don’t look at me play with your toy”. I started to play with my toy, I heard Mistress say in a soft quite voice ”just listen Andrew without looking at me, the only time you can look at me is when you think I am halfway up those stairs, do you understand?“, “yes mistress” I replied.

Mistress started talking to me with ”hello Andrew it’s Elsa, I have come to see you” in a broken accent and told me that she had to go home as her father was sick and could not come back; I had my eyes closed, my mind went right back and I was imagining myself at the bottom of the stairs in my old home. Mistress knew I was waiting for her to walk up the stairs and could see me excited by the bulge in my shorts, then Mistress started to ask me questions “did you like my legs? and “did you like my bottom?” I so wanted to be nude for Mistress, my prick by now was rock hard, my brain had made up my mind that Mistress was really Elsa talking to me.

I heard Mistress starting to walk up the stairs, and remembering my instructions and thinking to myself that Mistress is now half way up the stairs… I opened my eyes and looked up. I could see right up the skirt of Mistress, one side of her underwear was stuck right into the crack of her bottom… just as I had explained in my email.

Mistress shouted from the top of the stairs for me to close my eyes and then began walking down, and said that we would repeat this each time, and told me that I was not allowed to open my eyes until I sensed that Mistress is half way. “Before opening your eyes Andrew, think Saturday, then we repeat, and the second time Sunday and so on, until we have done every day of the week Andrew”, “yes mistress” I replied. I heard Mistress starting to walk up the stairs, and whilst thinking to myself about when Mistress would reach half way up the stairs… I opened my eyes and there again… this beautiful bottom, deliciously lovely legs and different coloured underwear which changed each time to blue, green, pink and many other colours as we progressed through every day of the week.

I had completely forgotten that I was dressed in boys shorts, boys socks, boys school cap, tie and the feeling in my loins was even more important; Mistress was taking a while and I wondered why. I soon discovered the answer (thinking to myself that Mistress is now half way) when I opened my eyes… silky short night robe, and wow no underwear! Mistress turned her head and looking back… Mistress gave me that look (as much to say) “look at this naughty boy”. Mistress then smiled at me (Mistress looked so very much like my princess Elsa) and I just shot the biggest load of my entire life. I didn’t even realize that I had got my cock out, I didn’t even feel silly the way in which I was dressed; standing there with juices dripping all over me, god only knows what happened to the toy train I was given.

I showered, got dressed and ready to go with this amazing experience clearly imprinted in my mind, I was thinking to myself… I can’t wait to come back again as soon as possible to see my new princess Mistress Bryce-Jones.


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