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We did a photo shoot Saturday looking forward to seeing the results, they will be on the website shortly. Things are ticking over and we have a steady flow of new slaves and of course our great faithful’s, I must say that I am blessed with some amazing regulars that I have known years, we […]

This has been a great week at mistress bryce-jones chambers, dungeon, Manchester’s most experienced global Mistress really enjoyed the kidnaps with mistress Jadee, we, although I say it myself are making a great team, we have the kidnap scenario off to a tee, we have had tremendous feedback off our victims. We picked up a […]

Who is this worldly Woman, This Mistress that’s gone global, Are you ready to enter Her world, Of domination that is total? A demanding and strict Disciplinarian, Is what She claims to be, A corporal fix for the corporate world, Is Her philosophy. She is tall, slim and attractive, A blond Goddess in every which […]

Sent by Slave David. I saw it on Twitter, my Owner’s command Write Me a poem, meet My demand I pondered, I paused, what could I write? To please my Mistress, my total delight The first time I met Her, I remember it well One glimpse of Her beauty, I was under Her spell Her […]

The Punishment Through circumstances, Not in his control, He was inexcusably late, Which was never his goal.   The door stood ajar, Mistress Bryce Jones must be waiting, He was surely in trouble, What was She debating.   As he entered Her realm, Embarrassed and meek, He dropped to the floor, Her forgiveness to seek. […]

People assume that a performing dominatrix would offer a fetish performance fit only for adults,  with an x rated pornographic theme. They would be mistaken if they thought that, rest assured Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones is so different. MBJ

Well… thank you all for your recent scenario requests, it’s been a pleasure to help you out in your quest for BDSM satisfaction. Keep them coming and we will try and book you in for a session. Anything you dream of, fantasize about or lust for., send the details request the session then enjoy your […]

Just to mix things up a bit we have decided to try a different site theme and see how it goes. It would be great if you could email us or use the contact form to tell us what you think, in fact I command you to tell us! MBJ.

Calling all slaves and miserable wretches. Scenario requests… send them in! Anything you dream of, fantasize about or lust for., send the details request the session then enjoy your pain! Manchester is where it’s at, come in soon! MBJ.

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